Bicycling 4,174 Miles Across the United States

June 21st Photos

One of pair of women cycling (with all their gear) over 5 months from Portland, OR to Freeport, ME to their home in Georgia. Their husbands and children, who are in Georgia, following their blogs.

Second Georgia Rider traveling from Portland, OR to Freeport, Me to home in Georgia over 5 months

Omak Inn, Omak – Lodging Day 4

Mile 15 – Route 20 between Omak and Tonasket, WA

Mile 26 – Robert and Georgia Women Cyclist in Tonasket.

Mile 45 – Half way up 29 mile climb to Wauconda Pass, 4,310 feet looking like rain anytime.

Mile 50 – Passing numerous dead trees – Beetle damage?

Mile 52 – Only 3 more miles to Wauconda Pass, 4,310 feet.

Mile 60 – View on 15 mile downhill ride from Wauconda Pass to Republic, WA.

Landmark Inn, Republic, WA – Lodging day 5

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