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June 27th – Libby to Eureka, MT

Climbing Old Haul Road 10 miles outside of Libby, MT in the background (while it appears I am wearing a tree on my helmet, I assure you I am not).

June 27th Statistics – Libby to Eureka, MT:

  • Today’s Biking Distance – 73.1 miles
  • Today’s Average Speed – 13.0 mph
  • Today Ascent – 3,478 feet
  • Today Descent – 3,082 feet
  • Today’s Ending Elevation – 2,533 feet
  • Total Trip Biking Days – 9
  • Total Trip Biking Distance – 645.8 miles
  • Total Trip Average Biking Distance/Day – 71.8 miles
  • Total Trip Ascent – 32,243 feet

The bike ride today was nearly perfect: RAIN – NONE; Road conditions – very good; Traffic – very light; Scenery – best of the trip so far; Terrain – Hilly with enjoyable 1% to 5% grades.  The only factor that kept the day from being outstanding was the lack of sunshine – overcast and looking like rain with only occasional moments of sun which also kept the temperature somewhat cool at mid 50s to low 60s until the sun finally came out for good the last 30 minutes into Eureka.  Tomorrow is forecasted to be sunshine all day with temperatures increasing from the high 50s to the low 80s.

Northwest Montana is nothing short of spectacular.  I have so many pictures, it may take another day to edit and post them.

Everyone rode the total 70+ miles today except Dale who drove and supported us with the van.  Unfortunately, we had 4 flat tires today (not me), but no one seemed to care considering the views and Dale being there to help.

I also spent time with 4 fellow cross country bikers (self supported), Jesse (a physical therapist who rode cross country six years ago) and her father Rick from Cincinnati.  I also met Nick, a college student in outdoor recreation at Western Washington University who is riding by himself to meet friends in New Hampshire before school starts in mid-September.  A photo of Jesse, Rick and Nick will be posted in today’s photos.  Finally, I met Dennis, a unique fellow with from Wooster, MA with pure white hair, ponytail, and beard, who was riding to Minneapolis since he has already biked from Minneapolis to Maine.  He has also walked the Appalachian Trail several times.

While the Ksanka Inn is very basic, when we walked across the street to the very non-descript 4 Corners Casino and Restaurant for dinner, we found a very nicely furnished and decorated restaurant with great food (mine dinner was pasta with smoked chicken crimini mushrooms, and sweet red peppers, in a smoked cream sauce).  The mountain surrounding Eureka are stunning –  we are also only 7 miles from Canada.

P.S. Today I fully recognized the pleasure of smooth road surfaces, tail winds, and climbing grades of less then 5 degrees.