Bicycling 4,174 Miles Across the United States

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June 19th Photos

Marblemount (Mile 3 today) – Entrance to the American Alps (with warning)

Mile 21 – Skagit River near Gorge Dam

Mile 28 – Diablo Lake

Mile 32 – Ross Lake

Mile 41 – The Cascades all to myself.

Mile 46 – 3,700 feet, Snow

Mile 60 – End of the Climb – Washington Pass, 5,477 Feet

Mile 61 – Looking Down at Beginning of 17 Mile Descent from Washington Pass

Mile 62 – Mazama, 17 Miles Ahead

June 19th – Rockport to Mazama, WA

Why we rode 78 miles today!

June 19th Statistics – Rockport to Mazma:  Distance – 78.8 miles; Average speed – 10.2 mph; Beginning elevation – 222 feet; Ending elevation – 1,957 feet; Total ascent – 6,578 feet.

Today’s highlights: Easily (but not quickly) completing the hardest day of biking for the entire tour!!!!;  Little traffic and wide shoulders on route;  Sunshine at 1 pm for the rest of the day; Magnificent Cascade Mountain views (see today’s photo post); A 17 mile downhill (5%-7% grade) at the end of today’s route – going 30+ mph for 30 minutes was a rush (I am not going to share my maximum speed for fear of giving Nancy a heart attack); Arriving at the Mazama Country Inn with energy to spare;  Burning up 6,500 calories; Relishing the 38 lbs I lost and did not have to carry up the mountain;  A long hot shower and dry clothes at the end of the day.  Not a highlight: 47 degrees, overcast, and misty to begin the ride at 8 am; being wet, cold and sweaty for 4 hours, sweaty for 4, and freezing for 30 minutes as I plummeted 17 miles down from Washington Pass;  a 40 mile climb so I could do the 17 mile downhill.

June 18th Photos

Biking companions Jim Schnitzmeyer from Albany, IL and Robert Moskowitz from Carmel, CA.


Today I visited “The Center of the Known Universe”, Concrete, WA


Downtown of the “Center of the Known Universe”, Concrete, WA


Buffalo Run Restaurant (Bike Food) – Home of the 16 oz buffalo burger and Rocky Mountain buffalo oysters.

Totem Trail Motel, Rockport, WA – “Best Available” as promised.

June 18th – Anacortes to Rockport, WA

The beginning – see photo (note the yellow rain botties).

8 am, Day 1 – Dipping the bike in the Pacific Ocean

June 18th Statistics – Anacortes to Rockport:  Distance – 74.2 miles; Average speed – 14.1 mph; Beginning elevation – 0 feet; Ending elevation – 222 feet; Total ascent – 1,888 feet.

Today’s highlights: Mile views of the mud flats at low tide on Padilla Bay; 30 miles of scenic views biking along the Skagit River without traffic; a record speed for me for the miles and ascent; a 16 oz buffalo burger at the Rockport Buffalo Inn (surprisingly ,I did not order the Rocky Mountain Buffalo Oysters).  Not a highlight: Overcast all day; rain for last 10 mile climb; cold and wet biking.