Bicycling 4,174 Miles Across the United States

July 11th: Devils Lake to Cooperstown, ND

Mile 25: Collection of one room school houses relocated to remote site along Route 1 in North Dakota.

July 11th Statistics – Devils Lake to Cooperstown, ND:

  • Today’s Biking Distance – 80.6 miles
  • Today’s Average Speed – 10.9 mph
  • Today’s Time In Saddle – 7.4 hours
  • Today Ascent – 1.017 feet
  • Total Trip Biking Days – 21
  • Total Trip Biking Distance – 1,643.2 miles
  • Total Trip Average Biking Distance/Day – 78.2 miles
  • Total Trip Ascent – 52,298 feet
Today’s ride started at 7 am due to need to take alternate route (regular route had many miles of gravel due to construction), length (80+ miles), heat (high 80s), headwinds (10-20 mph) and threats of afternoon thunderstorms (60%).  Everything was as expected except thunderstorms which did not develop.  The roads were good and lightly traveled – beautiful, if repetitive, scenery.  Very slow ride and long day in the saddle.  Excitement of the day was that I almost biked into the middle of a family of raccoons (mom and 3 cubs) sitting in the middle of the road.  I yelled and mom ran off, but the cubs hissed at me as I swerved into the on-coming lane (no traffic for last 30 minutes) around them.  Very tired and glad today’s ride is over.  Red bull at end of the ride helped too.

Mile 5: Early morning on Route 2 in North Dakota.

Mile 22: Typical scenery today along Route 1 in North Dakota.

Mile 33: The Stump Lake Village Historic Museum I missed.

Mile 35: Beautiful sky and field scene along Route 1 in North Dakota.

Mile 45: Another scene along Route 1 in North Dakota.

Mile 50: They only forgot to mention the 20 mph headwinds.

Mile 62: Route 1 near Sibley Lake, ND.

Mile 66: Field scene on Route 1, North Dakota.

Mile 72 – Representation of headwinds in marsh along side of Route 1.

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