Bicycling 4,174 Miles Across the United States

June 20th – Mazama to Omak, WA


Afternoon Sky on the B&O North Road Outside Okanogan, WA

June 20th Statistics – Mazama to Omak:  Distance – 61.0 miles; Average speed – 11.2 mph; Beginning elevation – 1,957 feet; Ending elevation – 968 feet; Total ascent – 3,486 feet; Total descent – 4,708 feet.

Today’s highlights: Sunshine all day (although 47 degrees when we started); More magnificent Cascade Mountain views (see today’s photo post ); Not the thrill ride of yesterday, but still a rush – 7 mile downhill (7% grade) and 5 mile downhill (5.5% grade) after reaching Loup Loup Pass (4,020 feet).  The quaint town of Winthrop; Delicious breakfast at the Mazama Country Inn; The Black & Blue Steak and Blueberry Angel Desert (angel food cake, blueberries, ice cream) at the Koala Grill in Omak; 18 hours before I have to sit on the bicycle seat again; Hot shower and internet service.  Not a highlight:  A bearing going bad in one of my pedals; No services for 30 miles.

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