Bicycling 4,174 Miles Across the United States

June 28th Photos

June 28 – Eureka to Columbia Falls, MT

Ksanka Inn, Gas Station, Convenience Store, and Subway – Lodging in Eureka, MT.

4 Corners Restaurant & Casino (15 slot machines) in Eureka, MT – A great breakfast (and dinner the night before).

Mile 9 – View along Old Highway/Tobacco Road.

Mile 12 – Scene along Meadow Creek Road near Fortine, MT.

Mile 17 – Route 93 between Forline & Stryker, MT (before it became dangerous).

Mile 19 – Dale awaiting us with nourishment and a chair.

Mile 21 – Passing Dickey Lake.

Mile 22 – Dickey Lake behind me.

Mile 43 – Finally, relief from Route 93 on Farm to Market Road leading to…….

Mile 50 – Another view from “Farm to Market Road”.

Mile 55 – Twin Bridges Road

Mile 60 – Whitefish, MT, beautiful setting, stylish downtown, well-maintained homes (some Victorian) surround city center. Most importunity, no more riding on Route 93.

Mile 63 – Edgewood Road outside Whitefish, MT.

Mile 66 – Tamarack Lane near Columbia Falls, MT.

Glacier Inn Motel – Lodging Night 12

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